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MUST Power Inverters New Arrival

8-12, 2016 / By MUST Power

Augest 8, 2016 , Must Power Limited R&D Department held a new arrival products meeting with us. This laid our marketing in the second half of 2016, We believe that our sales targets will hit a new high again in this year.


The New products details as below:

1) Solar Inverter PV1100 plus

1.Modified sine wave inverter
2.Built-in 50Amp charge controller
3.10A or 20A standard charging current from utility
4.AC/solar priority for output via MFD
5.AC/solar priority for charging via MFD
6.3 steps charging algorithm
7.MFD (multi-function display)
8.Overload & short-circuit protection,Battery reverse polarity protection,Deep discharge protection
9.Auto restart while AC/solar is recovering
10.Adjustable solar and utility charging current

That is the different design:


2) Power Inverter EP1100 plus

1.Modified sine wave inverter
2.Automatic line-to-battery switchover
3. Configurable Input Voltage ranges via LCD setting
4.Double layers PCB board.
5. Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge
6.MFD (multi-function display)
7.Auto restart while AC recovery
8.Overload & short-circuit protection, Battery reverse polarity protection,Deep discharge protection
9.Battery cable 10AWG 60cm (double line)

That design as below:


For more information about MUST Power and the products, just feel free to contact with us (sales@mustups.com).