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Celebrate the Xichong camping activities organized by MUST

7-10, 2014 / By MUST Power

Celebrate the Xichong camping activities organized by MUST Marketing Department to a success.


Shenzhen China,28th,June,2014-All members of the Marketing Department go to Xichong beach for camping.MUST colleagues enjoy good time together and improve the relationship of each other.

Xichong beach enjoy the “Oriental Hawaii” reputation, are linked by mountains and rivers. Crystal clear waters,beautiful white sand beaches and fabulous swimming site-that’s why Xichong beach ,is known for being one of the best holiday destination in Shenzhen.you can enjoy the beach, the sun, the sea breeze and appreciate the charm of Xichong .

MUST team’s collective activities are colorful,like the trip to Wutong mountain scenic area,Songshan lake tour and the trip to White water village scenic area.For this camping to Xichong beach, the marketing Department’s colleagues enjoy swimming in limpid water and relaxation on silver sands and taste the delicious barbecue on the beach.

Collective activity always let us feel more precious.This Activities enhance each other’s relationship, especially for the new colleagues to join MUST, let everybody truly feel MUST family’s team spirit and harmonious atmosphere.